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What can I do on MediaZilla?

MediaZilla can be used to upload, share and embed videos. Delivery of videos can be private or public, tailored directly to your needs.

Different from other platforms, MediaZilla allows a professional suite of tools like "Collections" to showcase one or more videos with customizable menus. Once content is delivered, viewers have possession of it within their own free account and can access it from a web browser or through the free MediaZilla app.

What type of projects are people using MediaZilla for?

All range of projects from home videos and professional showcases to course lectures and corporate training are being distributed on MediaZilla. Some of the latest projects include indie films, yearbook videos, legal depositions, funerals, birthdays and more!

Check out some examples of projects below:

How secure/reliable is the MediaZilla platform?

MediaZilla uses 128-bit SSL encryption, padlocking all content from unwanted viewers. The platform also utilizes token authentication to prevent any unauthorized downloading of content.

MediaZilla is run on a robust network of servers shared by the likes of Netflix, Dropbox and many Fortune 500 companies. Through MediaZilla's content delivery network, latency is dramatically minimized when providing content from a local server to users anywhere in the world!

What’s the difference between MediaZilla and streaming sites like YouTube and Vimeo?

YouTube and Vimeo are public video-sharing platforms, whereas MediaZilla is a true delivery platform that enables you to transfer possession of the online experience directly to your clients. Once delivered, clients will forever have access to projects even if you close your account.

Additionally, MediaZilla offers a premium viewing experience to best represent the quality of your work. This means no distractions like ads, unrelated videos autoplaying or random comments. With MediaZilla, you have full control to customize/brand your client’s experience from the first email invitation all the way through client portal pages, dashboards, apps and an immersive menu system.

Finally, you can track delivery with MediaZilla, never having to wonder whether or not your client took possession of the project and viewed it.

Can I purchase/sell videos through MediaZilla?

MediaZilla is working on releasing this feature in the near future. Currently, users can securely distribute content to paying clients via MediaZilla's Digital Delivery.

How is MediaZilla better than DVD, Blu-ray and other legacy media?

Unfortunately, those DVDs and Blu-rays we miss lack core functionality across social media and mobile devices in an ever-changing multimedia landscape. MediaZilla bridges this gap between physical media and the online content world without compromising quality. Using cloud storage, you can store your videos on MediaZilla from now through the next generation!

Billing | Cancellation | Upgrading

What type of plans does MediaZilla offer?

Free Accounts: MediaZilla offers trial accounts with access to almost all features, free for 14 days with no credit card required. (Digital Deliveries will be removed from recipients in 7 days unless the trial user upgrades to a full membership).

Clients of paid members are given a free account through either the Digital Delivery email or from the homepage by selecting "Start Free." This account does not expire and is only for viewing/downloading content from paid members.

Memberships: MediaZilla offers four membership plans suited for the individual's needs. A full breakdown of the plans can be found here.

What payment methods does MediaZilla offer?

Members can pay using credit or debit cards, PayPal and purchase orders.

Billing invoices are provided upon request.

How do I upgrade my plan?

You can upgrade your plan by selecting the "Upgrade Plan" button in your account dashboard settings. Members also have the option of paying for additional upload quotas per GB instead of upgrading.

Only admin accounts will see the option to upgrade, not contributor or manager accounts.

Can I pay on a project-to-project basis instead of a membership?

While MediaZilla does not currently offer per-project pricing, the Enthusiast Plan is designed for those doing only a few projects or less a year. The Enthusiast Plan has no unutilized upload quota for any given project. Users on this plan can take permanent possession of content into a free account and download the videos for backup.

What happens to my videos/collections after I cancel my membership?

Once a project is shared through MediaZilla's Digital Delivery process, it remains accessible forever to your viewers even after your membership is cancelled. (See the Digital Delivery process here)

All other content that has not been delivered will remain accessible for 30 days after an account is cancelled. Account access is revoked immediately upon cancellation/expiration until reactivated.

Original source files of delivered content will be deleted permanently after 30 days from cancellation. Accounts are cancelled only by member request or de facto cancellation from an unpaid bill. An activate plan is required for source files to be stored in perpetuity.

The full cancellation and refund policy can be viewed here.

Technical Specifications | Accessibility

Does MediaZilla support 4K content?

When viewing 4K content in the MediaZilla app, users can choose between SD / HD playback or 4K if the streaming device supports it.

Can I use MediaZilla on any device?

MediaZilla content can be viewed on any of the following devices:

  • TVs (Apple, Amazon Fire, Android, Chromecast)
  • Mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android phones/tablets, Amazon tablets)
  • Internet browsers (Edge 79+, Chrome 67+, Firefox 60+, Safari 11.3+, iOS Safari 11.3+, Android 7.0+)

Roku is not currently supported by MediaZilla, but is scheduled for release at a later date. Internet Explorer is not supported by MediaZilla due to the browser's outdated web code.

Is there a maximum size/length for uploading videos to MediaZilla?

There are no specific size or duration limits aside from the annual quota.

Which codecs, bitrates and file formats are supported by MediaZilla?

The platform supports all common video formats including Apple ProRes, though the MediaZilla team recommends encoding to the H.264 or H.265 codec in the MP4 file format.

The recommended video bitrate depends on the resolution of your video:

  • Standard Definition 480p - 3,500 kbps
  • High Definition 720p - 7,500 kbps
  • High Definition 1080p - 15,000 kbps 4K - 35,000 kbps
Full list of supported formats:
  • Video: mp4, mov, m4v, avi, 3gp, 264, flv, m2p, m2t, m2ts, m2v, mkv, mpeg, mpg, mts, mxf, ts, wmv, vob, divx, xvid, raw, dv, gxf, m1v, 3g2, vmf, gxf_mpeg2, mxf_mpeg2, mxfhd, y4m, mpt, f4v, trp, asf
  • Audio: mp3, wav, m4a, ac3, ogg, flac, aac, aif, aiff, amr, au, mka, ra, voc, wma
  • Images: jpg, jpeg, png, webp, gif

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