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MediaZilla Video Expertise powered by AWS

MediaZilla has vast experience helping customers effectively deliver, share, and store streaming video-on-demand with its Video Delivery Management System (DMS). Streaming video is extremely nuanced and customers want to work with a company that has the expertise to take over this burden. MediaZilla's purpose built platform focuses on three main priorities:

Built for Scale
MediaZilla's robust architecture is built on AWS to handle any scale, whether it's for a team of 5 or 50,000. MediaZilla leverages Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), AWS Elemental MediaConvert, Amazon CloudFront, as well as other core services.

Private Delivery of Content
Customers control who views their videos. There is no public index of MediaZilla content.

MediaZilla successfully completed an AWS Foundational Technical Review, which is a baseline review of an APN Partner’s solution against a set of best practices that are most critical for partner and customer success. All customer content is encrypted at rest and transmitted securely via https.

MediaZilla has been built on AWS since day 1 (January 2014) and has continued to scale its service by leveraging the power of AWS.

MediaZilla helped Harvard Business School (HBS) improve their delivery workflow for presenting and selling HBS Case Studies in video form. The end-users were able to view multiple videos within one self-contained and professionally presented package.

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Privo and MediaZilla worked together to streamline the process of bringing new features to the platform. As a result MediaZilla is in a better position to provide customers with the ability to create an immersive viewing experience and make the end user’s life easier.

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