A True Delivery Platform

Deliver your projects online and viewers will forever have free access, even if you close your account. Finally give viewers peace of mind.

A Premium App Experience with 4K and HDR

Viewers can instantly stream projects to their TV or device with the free MediaZilla app. The latest 4K Ultra HD and HDR (High Dynamic Range) formats are supported. Deliver an experience far superior to discs, USB drives and download links.

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Create an Engaging Deliverable

Showcase one or more videos with a customized interactive menu accessible from any device. We call it a collection.

Send a Digital Delivery and Track the Status

Bulk enter email addresses. Add a custom message to the delivery. View delivery status and timestamp when each viewer took possession.

Keep Content Private or Share and Embed

When content is private, only you and those delivered to can view. Enable a public share link and easily view on social media. Set a password (optional). Easily embed content. As the content creator, you always control the privacy.

Actionable Analytics

View insights on your videos and collections. See total and unique views, as well as how many downloads.

Deliver your Projects for Offline Viewing

Showcase your videos offline by exporting any collection as a custom desktop application for Windows and Mac. Deliver to viewers on a USB drive or via a file sharing service.

Allow Original File Downloading

When you enable this feature viewers receive the original uploaded file, whether it is 4K, 8K or beyond.

Multi-user Access and Roles

Add team members and grant them access to all projects or just the ones they create. It’s up to you.